As a form of healthcare, physiotherapy aims to improve a patient’s physical health and mobility. Physical therapy is useful because it aids in healing injuries, preventing future injuries, and improving overall health. Physical therapists encourage active participation in the healing process.

During the initial consultation, our medical doctor and physiotherapy specialist assess your health condition, offer their expert opinion, and recommend the next steps. Based on your diagnosis and your requirements, we develop a multi-session therapy plan.

You may be wondering about the efficiency of physiotherapy: How can we help With many injuries and musculoskeletal conditions, you can actually help yourself very well by performing the correct exercise and sticking to a few principles. All you need is the right diagnosis, a tailormade
treatment plan and a careful initial supervision. All of these things can easily be provided with a few sessions.

The programme will often consist of exercises designed to improve your walking stability, correct your posture, raise your muscular strength and range of motion, or extend your range of motion. In addition, we offer guidance on the appropriate application of exercise and compensating assistance, as well as pointers for your activities of daily living.

Just as they would during a visit to their office, the therapists pay close attention to the way in which you carry out the exercises in order to ensure that you are doing them correctly while they are watching you complete them during the actual session. Your therapist will always keep a close eye on how well you are doing in therapy and will adjust your treatment strategy accordingly if necessary.

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