A diet consultation aids in disease recovery, immune enhancement, cell repair, and even cell regeneration. Thus, a consultation with a skilled Dietitian is essential since the proper meal prescribed according to the patient’s condition will expedite the patient’s recovery. Our dietician also suggests several strategies to assist the patient in implementing the advised diet.

The term ‘diet’ refers to a portion of the daily food intake by humans. “Balanced Diet” refers to filling a meal with nutritious ingredients. Additionally, a “Nutritional Diet” requires much more. It is a diet rich in nutrients such as Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Fibre, Vitamins, and Minerals in the amounts essential for human development, hormone regulation, and weight management.

Our dietitians consider the patient’s 24-hour meal recall. This information is used to create the diet chart. The patient’s past medical history and biochemical data serve as the foundation for the construction of the diet plan. In addition to the patient’s religious beliefs, food preferences, chewing and swallowing abilities, and food allergies, the dietitian also considers the patient’s religious views, food preferences, chewing and swallowing abilities, and any food allergies. The diet chart plan is adaptable and individualized for each patient so that it can be readily followed.

At Neurovedic, we have  the option of Ayurvedic Consultation  so that anyone may get proper health advice and 100% authentic Ayurvedic therapy from our Ayurveda experts with full quality assurance. This makes it possible for Neurovedic to treat patients all over the world. In any of our formulations, we do not employ the use of any artificial agents, chemicals, or synthetic preservatives.

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