The human body has the innate capacity to produce the chemicals for every type of problem within the body. But due to a multitude of reasons – such as irregularities in eating and/or rest; improper postures of sitting, standing or walking; polluted environment; mental tension and stress; performing tasks beyond one’s mental/physical capacity; lack of nutrition; fear or anger etc – all these have an influence on the working of the body’s glands or organs, causing them to work either more or less than the normal. This, in turn, causes an increase or decrease in the hormones, enzymes or chemicals produced by them. As a result there is an imbalance in the balance of acid-alkali etc of the body fluids and the body exhibits one or more symptoms due to this. In Neurotherapy we apply a special type of pressure on different locations in the body by which the supply of blood, lymph and/or nervous signals to the affected glands is restored and thereby they start functioning properly.


In Neurotherapy we do not use any medicines or any instruments. To give treatment, the therapist uses two chairs – one on each side of the body – and applies a calculated pressure with his feet on the patient’s hands, legs, thighs etc. The therapists are trained in this technique so that the patient experiences no difficulty whatsoever. This treatment can be safely taken by patient of any age – from a day-old child to a centenarian. For babies-in-arms, treatment is given by palms and for older persons by feet.

In Neurotherapy the epicenter of the body is the nabhi or the navel. When the relative distance of the navel and the other abdominal organs is displaced, it leads to all sorts of abdominal ailments. In Neurotherapy we set the navel and thus set right all abdominal disorders easily. All disorders of the digestive system such as constipation, gas, acidity, stomach pain, loose motions, anorexia or lack of appetite, ulcers, diarrhea – for all these ailments Neurotherapy is a veritable panacea.

Neurotherapy sets right the root-cause, i.e., the tendency of the body to become diseased, by correcting the internal organs, so that they start functioning normally. Neurotherapy has its own methods of diagnosis, but also integrates the information from modern investigations, such as blood tests/ X-Ray reports etc.It uses the findings of medical physiology, but views them from a uniquely different and refreshing approach, one that negates the use of medicines or drugs.  Being a medicine-less therapy, it has absolutely no side-effects and is inexpensive.The therapy is simple to learn and can be practiced by all. It can even be taught ‘en-masse’ to people of all ages.The therapy is scientific in that its methods can be repeated over and over again, with identical results, which have been proved on hundredss of patients all through the country.The results can be duplicated – irrespective of the therapist’s age, sex, height, body- weight etc. An 8-year old kid can produce the same results as a 25-year old youth.Neurotherapy also lays emphasis on modifying one’s diet and lifestyle.

Feel Something Wrong With Your Body?

Mr. Ram Gopal Parihar is one of India’s few certified Persons & Neurotherapists. He is equipped with a wide range of Neurotherapy procedures for naturally treating severe sickness, and his work has shown remarkable outcomes on over 20,000 patients.