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Science of neurotherapy deals with the whole body/mind system in totality. The therapy uses the well-established knowledge, that our body, like all other living beings in the universe, has the vital energy to cure itself, without any interference from external sources.

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The Foundation is founded to promote and disseminate this unique Indian knowledge throughout the world by organising cultural exchange programmes, health awareness programmes, and workshops and seminars. The mission of Sewa Foundation is to see a world free of medicine and surgery. Where individuals can learn self-healing techniques and live a healthy existence. Our goal is to advance Neurotherapy to the next level.

Our Mission is to assist and treat individuals via exceptional Fusion Therapy for continuous and sustainable healthy living and lifestyle, hence improving quality of life.

Pain Management

(Back, Cervical, Joints Pain)

Gynaecological Disorders

(Irregular and Painful Periods, Thyroid etc.)

Feel Something Wrong With Your Body?

Mr. Ram Gopal Parihar is one of India’s few certified Persons & Neurotherapists. He is equipped with a wide range of Neurotherapy procedures for naturally treating severe sickness, and his work has shown remarkable outcomes on over 20,000 patients.


Stages of Consultation

We provide that children and adults can benefit from therapy administered individually, within a family or relationship, or in a group setting. Sessions typically last between 30 and 50 minutes and occur once each week. The patient and the therapist must take an active role for counseling to be effective.

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We will attempt to make appointments in the same general vicinity on the same day.


We give Consultation for many diseases and Neuro Therapy.

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To foster a culture of trust, integrity, mutual respect, equality, and ethics.

Satisfied Review

Patient satisfaction is the quality of physician or hospital performance.

Our Patient Review

Successfully managing one’s illness is a state of mind. The level of a doctor’s or hospital’s performance can only be inferred through patient feedback.

"My name is Gangadevi and my age is 40 years. I live in Chandigarh. I have only one kidney in my body which is in the right side. One day there was a sudden pain in the right side and I did my ULTRASOUND Got it done in which it was written- RIGHT RENAL CALCULUS (4.9 MM) & LEFT KIDNEY NOT VISUALIZED. After this I started my Allopathic Treatment. Due to which I did not get any special relief and the pain on the right side continued continuously. My nephew who himself was taking neurotherapy treatment for some other disease. He advised me for neurotherapy. On his advice, I contacted Ram Gopal Parihar Ji and after 3-4 months of treatment, when I got my ultrasound done, the stone which was in my right side was removed and it was written in the report. -RIGHT KIDNEY IS NORMAL THERE IS NO CALCULUS & NON-VISUALIZED LEFT KIDNEY. The pain in my right side was gone only after a week of treatment. I thank all neurotherapists related to this treatment and especially Ram Gopal Parihar Ji."

Gangadevi Chandigarh

"My name is Vikram Sharma and I am 55 years old. My cholesterol was running around 280 for the last 6 months. I took Allopathic Medicine for this. But my cholesterol level never came in normal range. I took neurotherapy treatment for 3-4 months under the supervision of Ram Gopal Parihar Ji and also improved my diet. Then when I got my report done, my cholesterol level had reached 202. Which happened for the first time till now. Now my cholesterol is in normal range and my weight has also decreased. For this treatment I Dr. I thank Lajpat Rai Mehra ji and his disciple Ram Gopal Parihar ji."

Vikram Sharma Delhi

"Hello, I am Ravi Kumar an asthmatic who uses inhalers frequently throughout the day. My buddy recommended that I visit Ram Gopal Parihar ji, and since meeting him and his treatment, I've noticed a significant improvement in my health. Since I began taking the medication doctor recommended to me one month ago, I have not experienced any breathing troubles. Thank you, sir, for your kindness and giving me a second chance at life."

Ravi Kumar Mumbai